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After the consolidation of the church and the assimilation of Scandinavia and its colonies into the mainstream of medieval Christian culture in the 11th and twelfth centuries, native written sources start to look, in Latin and Old Norse. In the Viking colony of Iceland, an extraordinary vernacular literature blossomed in the 12th through 14th centuries, and plenty of traditions related with the Viking Age had been written down for the primary time in the Icelandic sagas. The kings of Norway continued to claim power in elements of northern Britain and Ireland, and raids continued into the 12th century, however the army ambitions of Scandinavian rulers have been now directed towards new paths. In 1107, Sigurd I of Norway sailed for the jap Mediterranean with Norwegian crusaders to struggle for the newly established Kingdom of Jerusalem, and Danes and Swedes participated energetically within the Baltic Crusades of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

The Hanseatic League took management over Norwegian commerce through the 14th century and established a trading center in Bergen. In 1380, Olaf Haakonsson inherited each the Norwegian and Danish thrones, creating a union between the 2 nations. In 1397, underneath Margaret I, the Kalmar Union was created between the three Scandinavian countries.

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(For additional studying, see for example J.H. Innes, New Amsterdam and its folks.) There were additionally Norwegian settlers in Pennsylvania within the first half of the 18th century, upstate New York within the latter half of the identical century, and in New England throughout each halves. Norsemen from Greenland and Iceland have been the first Europeans to achieve North America. Leif Erikson reached North America via Norse settlements in Greenland around the yr a thousand.

The Sámi people have never been a single group in a single area of Sápmi. Norway has been greatly criticised by the international group for the politics of Norwegianization of and discrimination against the indigenous inhabitants of the country. Nevertheless, Norway was, in 1990, the first country to recognise ILO-convention 169 on indigenous people really helpful by the UN. The North Germanic Norwegian language has two official written varieties, Bokmål and Nynorsk.

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Famine additionally hit Sweden, killing roughly 10% of Sweden’s population. Sweden enters proto-historical past with the Germania of Tacitus in 98 AD.

Fascination with the Vikings reached a peak in the course of the so-called Viking revival in the late 18th and nineteenth centuries as a department of Romantic nationalism. In Britain this was referred to as Septentrionalism, in Germany “Wagnerian” pathos, and within the Scandinavian international locations Scandinavism. Pioneering nineteenth-century scholarly editions of the Viking Age started to succeed in a small readership in Britain, archaeologists started to dig up Britain’s Viking past, and linguistic lovers began to establish the Viking-Age origins of rural idioms and proverbs.

Oil manufacturing did not provide internet revenue till the early Nineteen Eighties due to the big capital investment that was required to determine the country’s petroleum industry. Around 1975, each the proportion and absolute number of workers in business peaked. Since then labour-intensive industries and services like manufacturing unit mass manufacturing and shipping have largely been outsourced. The wartime alliance with the United Kingdom and the United States was continued within the submit-struggle years. Although pursuing the objective of a socialist economy, the Labour Party distanced itself from the Communists (especially after the Communists’ seizure of power in Czechoslovakia in 1948), and strengthened its international coverage and defence coverage ties with the US.

The Police Directorate is headed by a National Police Commissioner. The solely exception is the Norwegian Police Security Agency, whose head solutions directly to the Ministry of Justice and the Police. In most cases, the town borders are coterminous with the borders of their respective municipalities. Often, Norwegian metropolis municipalities embody massive areas that aren’t developed; for instance, Oslo municipality accommodates massive forests, located north and south-east of the town, and over half of Bergen municipality consists of mountainous areas.

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Northwood, North Dakota, has the second highest proportion of Norwegian American ancestry within the United States, 55.5%. As a consequence, no fewer than 14 Lutheran synods were based by Norwegian immigrants between 1846 and 1900.

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Additionally, Stein Eriksen won the gold medal in the Giant Slalom event on the 1952 Winter Olympics, which had been held in Oslo, Norway. Eriksen was the primary skier from outside the Alps to win an Olympic men’s alpine gold medal. He also gained three gold medals at the 1954 World Championships in Åre, Sweden, and a bronze medal at the 1950 World Championships in Aspen, Colorado. Shortly after his success within the 1952 Olympics, Eriksen moved to America the place he continues to live.

From 2006 to 2011, the fastest-rising non secular communities in Norway have been Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Oriental Orthodox Christianity, which grew in membership by 80%; nonetheless, their share of the total population remains small, at 0.2%. It is related to the large immigration from Eritrea and Ethiopia, and to a lesser extent from Central and Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries. Other fast-rising religions had been Roman Catholicism (78.7%), Hinduism (59.6%), Islam (forty eight.1%), and Buddhism (46.7%).


Since the mid-twentieth century, archaeological findings have constructed a more full and balanced picture of the lives of the Vikings. The archaeological report is particularly wealthy and various, offering information of their rural and concrete settlement, crafts and production, ships and navy tools, buying and selling networks, in addition to their pagan and Christian religious artefacts and practices. The south coast of the Baltic Sea was dominated by the Obotrites, a federation of Slavic tribes loyal to the Carolingians and later the Frankish empire. The Vikings—led by King Gudfred—destroyed the Obotrite metropolis of Reric on the southern Baltic coast in 808 AD and transferred the retailers and merchants to Hedeby. This secured their supremacy in the Baltic Sea, which remained all through the Viking Age.

The idea of a “Germanic Union” of member states match properly into their completely nationalist-patriotic ideology. Throughout the First World War, Norway was in principle a impartial country. In reality, nonetheless, Norway had been pressured by the British handy over increasingly massive parts of its large service provider fleet to the British at low rates, as well as to hitch the trade blockade against Germany. Norwegian service provider marine ships, typically with Norwegian sailors still on board, had been then crusing under the British flag and susceptible to being sunk by German submarines. Thereafter, the world ranking of the Norwegian service provider navy fell from fourth place to sixth in the world.

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